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Yoga is an evolving practice stemming from Hindu tradition. It is a practice because it requires just that, nobody is a black belt in yoga. Yoga is therefore for everyone and you can take yoga in whatever way suits you. We are all on a journey and it is important to know we are not all at the same point or going in the same direction. Yoga is vastly evolving, the yoga practice itself has broadened to accommodate many different styles.

Fundamentally the yoga we practice in the western world inside studios is of a physical practice. One of moving through various postures (poses) whilst consciously connecting to our breath. Depending on the practice you may focus more on holding the postures or moving more dynamically through them. Some classes may be sweatier than others, some more relaxing. Some classes may focus more on the breathing aspect and may include meditation. Some teachers may thread the yoga philosophy through as a theme, whereas some may just focus on the individual’s alignment and mobility in the physically poses.

By attending a regular yoga practice, you will see improvements in your flexibility and strength as well as noticing improvements in your general posture. Yoga will also aid your nervous system, helping improve your psychological well-being. I.e., helping you to manage levels of stress and anxiety in your day-to-day. Yoga is something we therefore recommend to everyone, whatever your level, whether it is your sole focus or an addition to something else.

Here at OJS we have a variety of great yoga teachers, delivering a mix of yoga styles including yin, hatha and vinyasa.

Along with group classes our teachers also offer private 1-to-1 sessions. Maybe you are new to yoga, nervous about group environments or you want specific instructions and focus to be on you. A 1-to-1 session might just be what you are after!

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