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As a society, we are inclined to go to extremes, something I have been guilty of looking back across my first thirty years of living. We want to be the strongest, the fastest, be the most flexible, or even the most spiritual. As well, we often want to be the most fun, the most liked or the most successful. Sadly, I have learnt that pushing ourselves to these extremes is where we are most likely to break, both physically and mentally. Aiming for the sharp end of success is not indictive to balance. When we are balanced, our bodies and minds are pain free and this is where true happiness and power comes from. The first and most engrained yogic text that resonated with me is this…

“Let your concern be with action alone, and never with the fruits of action. Do not let the results of your action be your motive, and do not be attached to inaction” – Krishna (Bhagavad Gita).

For me this quote sums up life. To function well as an individual or as a community requires work, whether that is your yoga or meditation practice, your strength training or the way you integrate in society. Not working towards anything is unhealthy, but so is obsessing about something. Life to me is about balance, a balance between knowing and doing.


Furthermore, life is also about coming together. We thrive as a community, but we can also fail as one. I think the COVID months in and out of lockdown have exposed the need for a healthy community.

At the OJS we want to share this message. Whether it is through a physical practice, a meditation practice or a creative practice we can learn to be honest and humble, within ourselves and with others. Whether we are the teacher, or the student, enjoying the process, embracing the journey and not fixating on being the best is when we are being truly authentic.

The OJS is about Joining Body, Mind + The Collective. We invite you to our beautiful space for chilled out vibes and humble experiences. Our goal is for you to leave feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

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