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What is the TRX®?

TRX® stands for Total Resistance Exercise. It is a simple two handled strap which can be simply adjusted using the buckles attached. It was invented by the Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, and was born out of the need to be able to keep in shape anywhere at any-time whilst the Seals were on deployment.
The TRX® builds serious strength (the kind that’s very hard to replicate with regular free-weights) as well as endurance, stamina, balance, joint and muscular stability. It helps to increase range of motion, flexibility and reduces your chances of getting an injury.

TRX® Move

New to OJS, the TRX® Move classes are kept small, to ensure you receive lots of 1:1 attention from me. You do not need any previous experience with the TRX® to join – in fact, this class is deliberately targeted to teach you how to use the TRX®, perform movements using correct form and posture and to challenge your body and fitness.

The 45 minute sessions are high energy and varied to work the entire body. High intensity intervals are not the focus here but the class remains well-balanced to make you feel that you’ve had a tough but effective work-out. You will learn how to adjust your TRX® correctly, hold good form and posture and develop ways to adjust your body position to increase or decrease intensity for every movement. TRX® MOVE is progressive – you will learn as a group how to use the resistance trainer and how to get the best out of the equipment for your individual goals and ability.

The TRX® is for everyone, at any level and movements can be adapted for all abilities.

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