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Hey! I am Josh, the owner of The Old Joinery Studio. It has been a goal for some time to accommodate a space where I can share my passion with like-minded others. This project I hope will evolve organically, helped by amazing teachers, but driven by you the community.

So, how did my journey to the studio start? Well, always fascinated by what the body and mind could achieve together, yoga became a huge part of my life. However, it took me a while to get there!
At university I was introduced to rowing and the concept of “no pain, no gain”. My final year I was in charge of the boy’s squad, here I introduced CrossFit into their weekly training programme, if it wasn’t hard already.
We didn’t win any races, but it was fun, and it showed me the importance of teams and being part of a community. During those years I discovered my fascination about getting the most out of myself and others physically.

Following Uni, I become a personal trainer and started an award-winning triathlon events company. What is more, I continued to personally push myself taking on many of my own endurance challenges.

The first challenge I completed was in 2013, racing a rowing boat non-stop unassisted around the British Isles with three friends. 26 days into the race we won and were awarded with a Guinness World Record, something we proudly still hold now. After the row I realised what my body and mind was capable of doing, so I decided to tackle a 500-mile Triathlon running barefoot up and down the three highest peaks, swimming across the three largest lakes in the UK and cycling nonstop between them. My final challenge took place in Finland, where I completed the World’s Longest Cross-Country Skiing Race, after only one 30-minute lesson in learning how to XC-Ski. I was convinced my body could do anything as long as I believed it could.

No wonder though, did my body finally protest. As a result, yoga came into my life through means of rehabilitation. How did I not find this sooner I thought!? I soon learnt that the body and mind had a slightly different connection. A spiritual connection was found, and I became more aware of the subtle body as well as the physical body.

Yoga and PT together has helped me understand how the body and mind can work more efficiently together day-to-day. As a result, improving both our physical and psychological well-being. I have since been focusing on helping individuals improve their strength, mobility, flexibility, cardio-vascular health as well as offering advice on stress management, nutrition and sports specific training. I have established a long relationship with a well-known osteopath in the area, allowing me to train individuals with varying needs.

In 2018, I went back to University where I completed a master’s in psychology to further my understanding of the mind. My dissertation was on the significance daily breathing exercises have on improving people’s psychological well-being (stress, anxiety and depression), as well as cognitive function and working memory. My fascination with the mind continues further, I am now currently training to be a psychotherapist at Regents University.

I am and always will be passionate about helping others improve their current health. If you would to find out how I could help, then please do get in touch.


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