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Being able to prescribe movements to suit an individual’s ability, needs and goals fuels my passion for exercise and fitness.

I advocate and practice movement on a daily basis. Whether that be breaking down movements for a beginner or pushing my own physical boundaries to then understand how a client may feel if introduced to such an intensity during their session.

Movement is medicine and strength can most definitely be a cure!

Combining exercises that recruit higher levels of oxygen, cognitive function, muscle groups and movement patterns with static strength based lifts allows the body to progress completely and the individual achieve what wasn’t possible before.

Over my 10 years coaching I have worked with clients who compete on the world stage in their sports.

My real passion lies making life changing progress with senior clients, clients with life long injuries and also those who find the process of exercise and fitness that little more challenging.

Adding to the list of what is possible, every single day.

My own involvement in the fitness and exercise world started as a teenager – the process of muscle building/strength training alongside coaching children in multi sport activities. Taking an individual from not being able to do a movement to being confident in repeatedly doing the movement even when by themselves was something fascinated and really gave me a buzz.

The realisation that I could combine my passion for fitness and coaching into a career led me to becoming a personal trainer. Working in commercial gyms, David Lloyd for 3 years. A mobile personal trainer travelling to home studios, public spaces and even gardens working with a wide range of clients.

The addition of The old joinery studio will allow me to offer a 1-1 space to a greater audience who may need help addressing the fitness requirements.

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